Introduction: Bangladesh is a developing country and here the main growing sectors and industries are Garments, Pharmaceuticals, Leather, Ceramic, Plastics, Steel, Shipbuilding, and many other reputable sectors and industries. All the industries and sectors are depends on their raw materials from overseas countries and which are coming through import from all over the world. So, there is a huge scope and possibility to do indenting business.
Our experience your asset.
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  1. Knowledge of competent and reliable sources.
  2. Strong negotiation skills
  3. Sound marketing and technical background
  4. Developing a strong buyer and supplier relationship.
  5. Loyalty and commitment to service
  6. Excellent communication channels
  1. Raw material/product sourcing
  2. Vendor sourcing/ Assessment/ Enquiry
  3. Price Negotiation
  4. Process Planning and Monitoring
  5. Vendor Development.
  6. Product and capacity logistic of vendors
  7. Pre-shipment inspection.
  8. Shipment Status.
  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Organic and inorganic chemicals
  3. Feed supplements and veterinary drugs.
  4. Leather
  5. Iron and steel
  6. Printing Ink
  7. Paints
  8. Plastic and polymers
  9. Food/ Feed Chemicals
  10. Paper
  11. Rubber
  12. Dyes and Dye intermediates
  13. Perfumery Chemicals/ Essential oils/ Fragrances
  14. Electric and Electronics

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