Dream Merchandise and Development Ltd is a comprehensive international trade company, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, covering the fields of international purchasing and selling, products development, market exploitation and brand promotion. Our staffs are all specialized in international trade with rich experience, excellent business capability and wholehearted working spirit.

We have the reputation, expertise and trained staff to service you with accuracy in regulatory information, product classification and valuation guidelines. In addition we can assure you that our company understands the demands of International Commerce and will provide you with expediency in Customs clearance.

At present, we have already built long-term friendly partnership with hundreds of clients in many countries. We occupy quite a few production lines and develop several long-term partners so that our channels of stable material supply and superior products can be guaranteed. We are in the process of becoming an international trade company with comprehensive competitive ability to handle global purchasing and global selling.
Our international trade specialists understand the dynamics of the global business environment and leverage our financial resources, technology, and global correspondent banking network to help you manage and build your international business.
Letters of credit are financial trade instruments used to facilitate international transactions while reducing risk for both buyers and sellers. We provide a full range of letter of credit services, covering a variety of needs, including:
  • Export letters of credit
  • Import letters of credit
  • Standby letters of credit
Documentary collections provide for control of the shipping documents through the buyers’ and sellers’ banks and help facilitate payment when the buyer pays or agrees to pay for the goods. Collection instructions and drafts may be created online to expedite the submission of collection documents.
Dream Merchandise and Development Ltd is willing to build a long-term partnership with producers and dealers all over the world, equipping with a competitive business pattern, sophisticated sales team and perfect custom service system. We offer superior retail strategy and effective distribution channel, becoming a global manufacturing company. DMDLBD owns a perfect team that is proficient in business, market research and selling, capable of catching the information about market supply and demand, mastering market trend and gathering feedbacks from clients. We will form international reputation for brands, meanwhile offering accurate market orientation and effective international distribution channels. We choose the most appropriate and profitable products for our partners so that the products can be cast to the target market precisely.
Although brand management is essential to developing, protecting and growing your online and offline reputation, you still need to consider the challenges of developing a brand strategy.
  • Plan must be Realistic
  • Plan must be Able to Deliver Growth
  • Plan must be Actionable and Stay Relevant
Do Customers Define Your Brand?
We can help you define, develop and promote your brand. But in reality, it’s your customers and prospects who are talking about your brand products and services. They are continually forging and re-evaluating their perceptions. Ultimately, they will decide what your brand is and share their impressions with others. And THAT is what other people will most likely believe.
When introducing your company to new prospects, customers or distributors, use quality brand marketing to present a strong, positive impression. To create the desired image, it’s important to build and implement a positioning strategy that generates the right image, the right message. This requires an effective brand strategy.
Brand marketing involves building and managing a brand strategy that will help your company become a market leader. Management of your brand includes overseeing all aspects of your marketing program, such as advertising, pricing, and customer satisfaction.
Once you’ve defined a solid brand strategy, you’re ready to identify clear tactics that will help you move forward and achieve your business goals. Being flexible along the way is critical. You may occasionally need to modify your tactics so your brand remains in a positive light making it more profitable.
It’s important to manage and modify your brand as a long-term marketing plan. This involves working with your brand’s marketing strength and how your brand is different from competitors.
Promotional marketing is about finding ways to introduce your company and brand to intended audiences. While this is an ever-important marketing component of your product or service, raising awareness is probably the most expensive marketing phase.
Because most people fear the unknown, consumers are typically hesitant about trying new products. And the longer it takes to convince consumers to give your product (or service) a try, the longer you’ll remain in the brand awareness promotional phase.
After initial brand awareness promotions, it’s important to keep reminding customers about your brand. Maintaining brand awareness is important. Without a consistent reminder, brand recognition can erode – or worse, be replaced by competitor’s branding efforts.
Businesses can tap into their customers and ask for input and suggestions. Social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, provides a great way to listen and connect with customers, thereby helping to further promote and maintain your brand image. Instant feedback from customers can be collected and reviewed. As needed, you can communicate directly with customers regarding your products, changes, company news and more.

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