You need to think about to maximize opportunity and minimize risk to operate branch factory in abroad. DMDL always ready to guide and support you to open your branch factory in Bangladesh.

global company seeks to identify those investment locations and opportunities that will contribute to its overall competitiveness. Global companies know where to invest and how to co-ordinate activities. Setting up an overseas operation is generally the most costly route to market but if done right, the rewards can make it worthwhile.

  • Set up a local office.
  • A subsidiary company in your target market, this will be subject to local company, tax and employment rules.
  • A joint venture partnership with a local business-effectively forming a new business with shared ownership. DMDL recommend you to operate as a joint venture. If you use a joint venture, you will be able to share the risk. You will also benefit from your partners local knowledge and reputation. With our DMDL support we can help to find the best option for your business.
DMDL recommend you to operate as a joint venture. If you use a joint venture, you will be able to share the risk. You will also benefit from your partners local knowledge and reputation. With our DMDL support we can help to find the best option for your business.
  • You will have greater control of your business and activities in your overseas market.
  • You will be able to act as both an importer and distributor and a pint of marketing communication for overseas customers.
  • You can provide more personalized services of locally based support to customers.
  • Your investment will demonstrate strength of customer commitment.
  • Can lower your business risk if part of a joint venture.
  • Can ease further market expansion if you already have an established presence.
  • Running costs can be higher than in your domestic market but DMDL will organize low cost management to operate your branch.
  • You will need to understand local tax, contract and employment laws in the overseas country. DMDL is committed to give you all kind of logistic support.
Overseas manufacturing can bring more success!!!
  • Lower production and delivery costs.
  • Shorter time to get their product to market.
Manufacturing overseas commonly termed as manufacturing offshore can help you focus on developing your core business.
Options for offshore manufacturing:
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Investing and setting up a manufacturing
  • Acquisitions
  • Joint venture.
What to include in a contract manufacturing agreement:
  • An accurate description of the products including product specifications, raw materials and packaging
  • The ordering procedure, shipping terms and delivery arrangements (including the transfer of title of the manufactured products)
  • The price for the finished product and the payment terms
  • Whether or not the manufacturer has the right to sell the finished product to third parties
  • Warranties and contractual protections relating to the delivery and quality of the products
  • A condition that the manufacturer develops and maintains suitable business continuity practices and capabilities to ensure continuity of supply
  • A comprehensive clause that clearly identifies who owns the IP in the finished product and any materials developed in the course of production
  • A process for effective management of the relationship between the parties to enable open communication and speedy resolution of problems, including o Allocation of responsibility for ongoing procurement and supply o Service management and quality management o Processes for the management of contract change and escalation
  • An escape clause that allows termination (for any reason) by giving written notice to the manufacturer
  • A dispute resolution procedure
  • The country’s laws that will govern the agreement
Identifying a future vision for a network of manufacturing facilities requires a pragmatic approach involving a systematic and clear process backed up by valid data and analysis. Consider the following process:
  • Give each facility a clearly defined role
  • Co-ordinate the activities of the plants (with each other and with R&D and other key functions) to meet customer needs in the most efficient way
  • Determine the manufacturing location – the choice of manufacturing region needs to meet the requirements of each market
  • A large part of the synergies available are derived from a co-ordinated approach across business units
Strategy needs proper execution. The management of an international network of manufacturing facilities involves a large number of closely integrated and inter-dependent projects. These projects need to be executed over a wide geographic spread, across very different time zones, involve large numbers of staff and are usually politically sensitive. Consider other factors such as:
  • Raising capital
  • Legal implications
  • HR issues
  • Internal communications
  • Investor relations
To bring your success!!
Management must put in place a measurement system that reflects the operation and development of the manufacturing network.
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Dream Merchandise and Development Ltd started off with an ambitious program: we wanted to provide the most efficient integrated services, especially in the export, import and trading field. It was a denting and challenging task: export/import and trade finance is hard to navigate through and require a significant amount of capital to operate. However, we knew we had a great management team and the support of our communities (great folks like you and I who believe in helping others succeed). With these resources in hand, we launched our Company and immediately went to work: we built an extensive supply network of commodities, industrial services and investment resources and offered our services to the country’s largest industrial companies and wholesalers. Our product quality and superior services helped us grow our revenues and secure our position as a leading trade company.

Despite our success, we never forgot our mission: to build the most innovative trade platform connecting Bangladesh to the world and to be the leading provider of integrated services. This constant reminder has an undeniable inspiring and humbling effect on us as we continue to strive to provide the best service to our growing list of clients. We are constantly reminded that in order to succeed and to stay relevant, we need to innovate and seek ways to better connect with our customers. This is the Beauty Enterprise way: we succeed because we serve you. And for this, I want to thank you for trusting us.

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  • Growing blog subscribers, converting visitors into leads, and expanding our blog's overall reach.
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  • Convince others that your creative ideas are worth investing time and effort in. This role is at the core of the marketing team, and others will rely on your work every single day.
  • Manage both on-page SEO and off-page SEO for the company.
  • Collaborate with content marketing and blog contributors to create high-quality content around important, relevant terms.
  • Manage and improve organic search engine performance and goal-setting based on click through rates, traffic, and conversions.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes with SEO and major search engines.
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  • Measure and optimize the buyer journey as it relates to product feature adoption and usage.
  • Manage the strategy and setup of all paid campaigns.
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  • Create content regularly to grow the company’s footprint (press releases, corporate announcements, and creative content).
  • Collaborate with prominent members of the company, including executives, to craft and pitch press releases and thought leadership columns.
  • Establish a sustainable, strategic approach to PR based on adding value to media outlets and event managers, not just asking for it.
  • Manage technical aspects of key marketing systems (marketing automation, CRM) used to generate, distribute, and report on leads.
  • Establish and maintain scalable processes that ensure best practices in campaign and lead
  • Create and maintain metrics reports on marketing and sales activities, effectiveness, and business impact.
  • Analyze marketing and sales data to develop insights and make recommendations on areas for optimization.
  • Monitor and maintain data quality within the marketing database.
  • Evaluate new technologies and add-on applications to improve and optimize marketing team performance.
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  • Manage other design needs such as presentations, signage, and trade show collateral as needed.

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