If you are looking to move to anywhere else in the world, we are the DMDLBD for you. We provide door to door service and take care of everything

DMDLBD would like to set your mind at ease and assure you that it is possible to move overseas without all of the headache and hair pulling! Our professionals know that the key to a smooth international relocation experience is being educated about the international relocation company you choose—verifying beforehand that they have an excellent reputation.

Choosing the right International Relocation Company is paramount to your moving experience, and certainly a difficult decision to make.

When relocating overseas, there are two methods through which you can ship your goods—by air or by sea. In order to figure out which shipping method is best for you and your family, you must first calculate the volume of goods you wish to ship. DMDLBD overseas shipping rates are calculated by the total number of cubic feet or kilograms. If you are relocating a large shipment, DMDLBD suggests you ship by ocean as it is more cost-effective. However, if you are sending a small shipment that falls below the minimum ocean shipment volume, it may be worth shipping by air.
Shipping by ocean is an extremely cost-effective way to ship large shipments; however, it does take a bit longer than shipping by air. Shipping by air is great for small shipments, and you can expect to receive your shipment in approximately 7-14 days for most destinations. Customs is also much easier to clear when shipping by air. DMDLBD will help you calculate the total volume of goods which you intend to ship and then present you with the best shipping method for your particular needs.
While many people going through an international relocation feel too rushed to sit down and draw up a budget beforehand, it is an integral part of the international relocation process that could potentially save you quite a bit in the long-run! DMDLBD suggests that your family takes a moment to sit down and create a budget before you take one step further.
Once you have determined what you wish to bring, we will assist you in determining the total volume of your shipment—this will determine the total cost for your shipment. Once you are able to see the total cost for relocating your goods, you can determine whether or not certain items (especially large ones) are worth shipping and adjust the list to fit your budget.
DMDLBD determines the total cost for relocating your shipment by calculating and adding up the following costs:
  • Determine total cubic feet or kilograms of shipment
  • Calculate price per cubic feet or kilogram
  • Costs of export documents
  • Insurance costs (equivalent to 3% of the value of the goods being shipped)
  • Port fee or THC (Terminal Handling Charge)
  • FAF (Fuel Adjustment Factor)

These are the typical factors taken into account when determining the total cost of the relocation services necessary to move your goods overseas.

No matter what your budget or international relocation needs, NY International Shipping specializes in worldwide shipping and will be there from start to finish making your family’s international relocation as stress-free and simple as possible! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding how to calculate the total volume of your shipment or the best shipping method for your family’s goods.


What is International Ocean Freight

International ocean freight is the shipment of goods via sea vessel. Container shipping is a cost-effective option for those with large shipments. However, you don’t have to have a large shipment in order to ship via int’l ocean freight. We work hard to consolidate shipments to make it easier for those with smaller shipments to avoid paying more than necessary. We offer both exclusive containers and consolidated ones.

How Does Shipping Container Consolidation Work?

If you’re shipping a small volume of goods, our professional movers will carefully pack your shipment in properly labelled crates, which will then be combined in a shipping container together with other clients’ cargo. This way, multiple small shipments can fit in a single container, reducing the costs for our customers.

Clients whose shipments will fill 20 ft. or 40 ft. containers on their own will have exclusive containers during transport. We offer our customers the additional options of choosing custom crates, wood-free crates and other specialty crates made in our private facility by our own carpenters. These are meant to suit the special and specific needs of every client that requires them.
Our clients are only billed for the actual volumes of their shipments. Final prices are based on the total cubic feet and weight of each shipment. Once shipments are packed, either by our movers or by our customers, they will be brought to our warehouse where they will be measured a final time. These final measurements are what we use to calculate the total costs. We supply the container shipping quotes in advance and make small adjustments according to the final cargo size.
You will need the following documentation when sending your shipment via ocean freight:
  • Copy of passport(s)
  • Customs forms
  • Insurance forms
  • Inventory list
  • Booking forms
Step 1: We will arrive on the scheduled pick up day with a trained, professional crew and truck.
Step 2: The crew will make a detailed inventory list of all of customer goods to be packed prior to loading/packing.
Step 3: The truck is loaded at the customer’s residence and then either brought to the warehouse for storage or consolidation prior to shipping.
Step 4: The shipment will be loaded into an Ocean Freight carrier.
Step 5: Once the shipment has been delivered to the destination port and cleared customs, we will deliver your shipment to your new residence.
Step 6: The shipment will be unpacked at your new residence and all packing debris will be removed. Contact us for information regarding our container shipping services.


As a full-service, international relocation and Air Freight company, DMDLBD proudly provides trustworthy, efficient international transportation by air—an option swiftly increasing in popularity. No matter what the volume or international destination of your shipment may be we guarantee the safe arrival of your belongings as promised. Air Freight is a wonderful option for those of you shipping a small volume of goods or pressed for time. Generally, Air Freight shipments arrive at their final destinations in as few as several days.

As one of the most highly noted international relocation companies offering international Air Freight, we possess a global reputation for offering excellent service. As our international container shipping the Air Freight is reliable and budget-sensitive options. Choosing Air Freight is a time-efficient way of shipping your goods overseas. Depending on the size of your shipment, it may be the best option for you and your family

We treat every shipment with the utmost care—no matter how large or small, complicated or simple—from any global destination!
The total cost for shipping by air is determined by the actual weight and volume of your shipment. In order for DMDLBD to calculate this for you, you must make a list of all of the items or boxes you wish to ship—noting the size and weight of each. Once we receive this list, we are able to provide a quote calculated by multiplying the rate per kilograms by the total kilograms of your shipment.
DMDLBD offers a wide variety of custom crates. Every crate is built in our private facility and customized to meet the requirements of you personal shipment. Clients have the option to pack the crates themselves or allow one of our professionally trained packing crew securely pack the entire shipment for them.
A Variety of Shipments:
The most common service chosen is door-to-airport, however, you have the option to choose door-to-door as well.
Necessarily Documentation:
The following documentation is necessary when undergoing an international relocation:
  • Clear copy of passport(s)
  • Clear inventory list
  • Proper visa to your international destination
  • Declaration of the value of the goods
  • Insurance forms
  • Custom forms


There are times when items that must be shipped overseas simply do not fit into a standard steamship container and require special handling—items such as speedboats, yachts, buses tractor trailers, etc. DMDLBD a leader in the international relocation industry, is able to make special accommodations for clients by internationally relocating goods of any size through special means. DMDLBD guarantees the safe arrival of your Oversized Freight to the destination of your choice, overseeing the entire process every step of the way.
DMDLBD suggests using RO-RO shipping to transport your boat overseas—typically used as a cheaper solution to shipping a sole use container. In most cases an Oversized Freight will not fit into a standard ocean container, thus requiring RO-RO service instead. Oversized Freight will be braced and lashed professionally once placed inside the vessel, keeping it safe and secure during transport. Some classic boats require gentler handling and use of special wrapping which takes a specialty. DMDLBD guarantees that your boat will be secured and protected during its journey overseas.
Shipping Process
Once we have confirmed the type of international relocation service that you would prefer, your Oversized Freight will be accepted at the terminal and secured for shipping.
The rate for Oversized Freight is usually determined by the overall size of the item that must be shipped. Once your Oversized Freight has been received by the steamship line it will travel on, it will be measured a final time. The total cost will be invoiced to you based on this final measurement.
Necessary Documentation & Requirements
  • Original Certificate Title along with 3 notarized copies of the front and back
  • There must be no liens on the title
  • Less than ¼ of a tank of gas
If you would like to relocate your motorcycle during your international relocation, DMDLBD would be more than happy to make accommodations for you to do so.
Shipping Procedure
Once your motorcycle has been crated, braced and lashed inside the container and professionally secured to protect it, it is ready for transport overseas. It will then be transported to the port of departure and inspected by customs. Once approved for export/import, it will depart on the next available vessel to your destination of choice. Oversized Freight can accompany DMDLBD ongoing consolidations.
Pricing is determined by the overall size of the motorcycle and the type of service chosen to ship it.
Necessary Documentation & Requirements
  • Original Certificate of Title along with 3 notarized copies of the front and back
  • There can be no liens against the title
  • There must be less than ¼ of a tank of gas
DMDLBD is able to accommodate tall vehicles, such as sports utility vehicles and vans, by shipping them in specially designed high car decks.
For your own safety and security DMDLBD asks that you not use your car as a shipping container for any of your goods for the following reasons:
  • Any goods left within your vehicle are at risk of being stolen while your vehicle is on the loading and unloading docks as well as in transit.
  • The majority of shipping and carrier companies will not accept your vehicle if it contains any of your personal goods.
  • You must declare the entire contents of your vehicle at customs in order for entry to be granted. If you fail to do so, you may have your car and its contents seized.
  • Your vehicle may be seized and you may incur personal penalties if your vehicle is used to transport illegal narcotics overseas.
  • Exceptionally clean
  • Centrally located
  • Organized
  • Well-lit
  • Completely moisture proof
  • Fire-proof
  • Secure
  • Bonded
  • Advanced Surveillance System
  • Insured
  • Short or Long-term Options
DMDLBD offers complete moving, shipping and storage services door-to-door! You can choose to do your own packing or have our professional relocation specialists carefully and strategically pack your things—freeing you to take care of other necessary tasks. From there, DMDLBD will transport your things to either be shipped to your new home or brought directly to our storage facility. No need to worry about coordinating details, we’ll take care of it for you! Once you have decided on a budget, we will provide every combination of options that fit within that budget; including storage costs. You can decide what works best for you and your family. We understand that we are relocating more than things; we are relocating your life. DMDLBD has dedicated itself to making sure every relocation. We handle is done flawlessly and in a timely manner. Because NY DMDLBD is able to handle every aspect of your international relocation, you can focus your attention on yourself and your family.
DMDLBD also understands that many of you moving overseas will need storage while you search for a new apartment, home or job. In many cases it is more effective and less costly to keep your belongings in storage. Once you have found your new home or job, you can contact us to let us know you are ready for your shipment to be sent. As soon as we receive notice from you we will ship your goods on the next available vessel! Please contact DMDLBD to inquire about our storage locations and competitive rates.
Let us do the heavy lifting!


What is International Shipping Insurance?
Also known as marine cargo insurance, international shipping insurance covers your goods in case they should be damaged or lost while shipping via ocean, air or land. Regardless of how experienced and professional your international movers are the risk of damage or loss is always a possibility, which is why we highly recommend getting full coverage for your shipment.
Household shipping insurance can be obtained from several different sources, including:
  • Your international shipping company
  • Direct from an insurance company
  • From a marine insurance broker
  • Your employer’s shipping insurance company (for corporate relocations)
Hunting for international shipping insurance for household goods can be a daunting task, so it’s always best if you can speak with your shipping agent to discuss your options. Some international movers offer shipping insurance while other customers may wish to use an outside provider for insuring a container. The coverage options you choose will depend on your specific situation—where you’re moving to, how you intend to ship, the value of your goods, etc. Continue reading for tips to consider while shopping for insurance.
Here is a list and brief description of different types of household shipping insurance.
All Risk Shipping Insurance
With this type of coverage, the insurance company must repair or replace any goods that have been damaged due to just about any types of hazards—fire, theft, breakage, water damage, loss, etc. The only exceptions when insuring a container through this method are those excluded specifically in the terms of the policy.
All Risk Shipping Insurance – Full Replacement Value Coverage at Destination
This comprehensive coverage is usually only available if your household goods are professionally packed by your overseas movers. This offers the full value of repair or replacement based on your destination—depreciation is not taken into account. Keep in mind; you may want to investigate values of your high-value items at your destination prior to choosing this option as you may find there’s a significant difference.
All Risk Shipping Insurance – Full Replacement Value, Lump Sum
With this type of coverage you would declare a lump sum that represents the coverage you wish to have for your shipment. Only the goods valued at a minimum price must be listed and provided to your insurance company. These items will be covered under the lump sum you declared and not considered additional value so long as the total declared value is not higher than the total replacement value.
Total Loss Shipping Insurance
This coverage only covers your loss if your entire shipment is destroyed or lost under circumstances such as a fire, an Act of God, missing vessel, etc. Individual items will not be covered
Moving overseas can be costly and you’ll want to make sure you’re able to budget for shipping insurance that will cover all of your valuable household goods. One way to make your shipment more budget-friendly is to reduce the items you intend to ship. Take into consideration the costs of shipping and insuring a container as well as whether or not you’ll have the space for everything in your new home. Reducing your total shipment should help you stay within budget and free you up to choose the best services available.

Logistics needs intelligent management operations so that goods are at the right place at the right time around the globe – whether this involves group age freight operations or complete loads, standard dimensions or special consignments and regular or express services. We transport your shipment by truck from your door. We are able to manage complex sourcing and distribution systems and provide the same passion and care for small and medium-sized enterprises as for major corporations.

If possible, we combine the means of transport, for example, by linking railway and truck services to form intermodal solutions. In addition to just transporting the goods, we also provide full services and support your complete supply chain, ranging from sourcing to production, disposal and distribution and we even cope with after-sales business.

All the DMDLBD business sites are connected to the company’s central data centre so that it is possible to track the consignment at almost any time. This allows us and you to track shipments and actively steer all the processes. Our barcode logging operations are also linked to a camera system in order to protect goods from loss or theft.
Our product lines are supported by a wide range of additional solutions like track & trace, insurance, import and export customs procedures and packaging services.
Depending on the task at hand, we offer you standardised products and tailor-made concepts to manage your supply chain. We naturally have the necessary equipment for truck transport operations. Our fleet consists of many kinds of vehicles ranging from small transporters (3.5 – 7.5 t) to trucks, curtain-sided vehicles, box trailers, swap bodies and mega-trailers and even special equipment like sliding floor vehicles, tipper trucks, roller container vehicles, tankers, silo trucks and skip loaders.
  • A fleet of more than 180 company trucks
  • More than 500 vehicles belonging to subcontractors
  • Transport volumes > 7 million tonnes p.a.
  • Number of transport operations per year > 300,000
  • The latest, satellite-supported telematics systems to optimise and monitor the flows of goods(under construction)
  • Innovative vehicle technology to save natural resources and be eco-friendly
  • Domestic and cross-border transport and logistics services over a wide area for complete loads involving bulk and break bulk goods, including recycled materials and products – e.g. waste paper, metal, steel, scrap metal, building materials, minerals, agricultural goods, waste wood, cut timber, sawmill by-products, chemicals, liquid waste and products, all types of products for the glass and paper industries and other trading commodities.
  • Use of walking floor vehicles, semi-trailer tipper trucks, roller container vehicles, tankers, silo trucks and taut liners.
  • Logistics services in every facet of the customer’s supply chains – e.g. the complete in-house management of dispatch and handling departments for the manufacturing and freight forwarding industries, extensive management of building site logistics, managing landfill sites and even operating as the exclusive freight forwarder for factory supplies and the distribution service operator from important paper, cellulose and pellet factories.
Our domestic service covers road transportation within the national borders.
We solve special tasks, such as dangerous goods and temperature controlled pharmaceutical transport. If necessary, we can provide add-on services. In Germany, we belong to the System Alliance and can thus guarantee you 24 to 48 hour delivery through blanket coverage.
Our services:
  • Acquisition logistics
  • Guarded transport
  • Distribution logistics
  • Document service
  • Dangerous goods
  • Group freight
  • Special / heavy transport
  • Supply chain management
  • Temperature controlled transport
  • Deadline transport
  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Packaging service
  • Insurance
  • Customs clearance
  • Interim storage
We take part and whole loads from every point in Bangladesh to every other point: from a single screw right up to industrial equipment weighing tons! Our IT facilitates gap free tracing of consignments and monitoring of traffic routes. Constant controls generate security.
Our services:
  • Part loads
  • Whole loads
  • Deadline transports (JIT)
  • Equipment and heavy loads transport
  • Branch-specific solution
  • Dangerous goods
  • Temperature controlled transports
  • Consignment tracking
  • Insurance
  • Customs clearance
We develop modern and individual purchasing and distribution concepts for you, which match your logistics and your needs. Services with a modular structure and freely selectable service levels help you to introduce the concepts at your company to the necessary degree and at the right speed – both for individual business sites or at several.
The principal ideas behind Industry Solutions are the flows of goods and information adapted to the production or sales processes, maximum transparency and the active management of supply chains.
The key goals here are to optimise transport services, reduce stocks and optimise and standardise logistics processes along the complete supply chain.
Your benefits:
Reductions in:
  • transport costs
  • capital commitments
  • storage charges
  • floor space costs
  • process costs
  • personnel costs
Increases in:
  • transparency
  • quality & efficiency of processes
  • productivity per unit area
  • flexibility
  • employee satisfaction
  • customer satisfaction (internal & external)
Railway transportation is not only particularly sustainable, but is also faster than shipping and cheaper than air operations. But it is not always possible to use rail transport for the complete journey. We therefore handle the pick-up and final delivery runs for you and combine several means of transport to form multi-modal transport chains. Shipments can often be handled faster by rail because customs clearance takes place during the journey; as a result, there are no waiting times at border crossings.
We have the necessary equipment to tranship your goods from ship to rail or from railway wagons to trucks, for example, and can lift even the heaviest loads. DMDLBD has a customs broker licence for the most important export nations. But that is not all: we can also easily handle the transhipment of your goods from the normal gauge used in Bangladesh and China to the larger broad gauge. We have our own office at Hubei province in China where the gauge changes and it monitors transhipment operations involving the reloading of wagons.
Our railway specialist, DMDLBD Rail Logistics, develops and handles rail logistics concepts with you for freight forwarding, systems traffic, supply chain management and traction. As a result of cooperation and freight agreements with other Europe railway companies, we pool flows of goods and offer the best solution and favourable conditions. You can follow the data related to your railway shipments through our IT interfaces and our consignment tracking system at any time.

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